Reusable Mask [Collab with Shadowplay Relics]

$15.00 - $48.00
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Reusable Mask [Collab with Shadowplay Relics]

- Reusable, all mask have reversible patterns, double layered mask
- Featured masks in the photos is the printed fabric of my painting “Timeless”
- Collaboration with Shadowplay Relics
- A handful of these are also being donated to a local group of nurses in Austin, TX!
- Each mask is uniquely made

* You have the option to choose 1 of 2 designs: "Timeless" or "Reminisce"
or one side with each design (Check 2nd image)

* Sizes:
XXS: 1-2 years old
XS: 3-6 years old
Small: 7-12 years old
Women's size - One Size (I am wearing this one)
Men's size - One Size

* PLEASE ALLOW *UP TO* 1 - 2 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY. Could arrive much much sooner though!