So many new ideas and thought waves have been coming to me lately. From new products, to collaborating with others on projects I have been wanting to do for a long time now, I am breaking out of what used to scare me and hold me back from just being creative. 

Breaking out of old patterns, trying new techniques, and being inspired by everything in my daily life. Even the ugly stuff. Finding the beauty in that, finding the beauty in what can be transformed. Taking inspired action when those moments of pure insight come through. I act on intuition, impulse, motivation when it seems just right; perhaps later on it will subside but for now I am excited to let it out and embrace what I create along the way. This is the beauty of "trusting the process", I finally fully understand what that means. It's not just some quote to live by, it's not just "living in the moment", it's the fuck ups and funny stories you will be able to tell, the "miracles" and magical moments you experienced along the way. 


I have been taking my time getting back into the groove of putting my art out there again after my little brother passed away on April 27th (his spirit left his body on the 25th). For once I don’t feel guilty about anything. I realized that before this happened, I just grinded away, for days and weeks and months on end, without hardly slowing down or giving my time to close friends and family [even] as much as I did, my art. My career became more important to me than anything. It is still so important to me but after losing my brother, physically, and best friend to this world, my entire world flipped upside down and turned inside out. I feel him with me more than ever before actually; and he is so excited to start making art with me again, music too, and in this lifetime, he sold beautiful crystals (( “Jedi Crystals” )) and collected handmade jewelry from local artists and artists he loved across the country, and resold it to the community. My sisters and I will continue running the Jedi Crystals legacy in his honor. He supported so many different artists and musicians throughout his life, I want to continue to do a lot of that too, still supporting other artists, selling crystals and of course my own artwork. I will still keep my group and main Facebook page mostly about my own artwork, but I do want to collaborate with others even more than I already was before, and when I am at festivals or any events where I will be vending, you’ll see me with crystals, art and more! He was also one of my number one supporters in everything I did and made. I will miss his beautiful words of encouragement in the physical realm but I still hear him everyday, telling me how proud he is of me. It keeps me going and I know I have many more missions here on earth to carry out before I leave too. Slowly but surely getting back into sharing my own artwork. Stay tuned. And thank you for continuing to support me; I always felt the need to be able to support my family one day and I know Jesse felt the same way, (through our successes), but now I really do feel like I can do that with him in everything I do and put out into the world. Love is Key. He always said that. It will be even more apparent in all that I create for the rest of my life. Not afraid to live in my truth and share exactly who I am and what I love anymore. I used to be so afraid of judgement and criticism or that I wasn’t doing things good enough but I know that it is all a journey and a process and that just through loving what I do and being fully myself, it will be enough. <3

Image may contain: 2 people, including Elaine Alonzo, people standing and nightImage may contain: 2 people, including Jesse Alonzo