As a self-taught acrylic and oil painter, Elaine Alonzo finds herself through her art. She was born and raised in Austin, Texas. After recently moving, she happily resides in mountainous Evergreen, Colorado where she continues creating mesmerizing artwork. Elaine has participated in live painting across the nation at countless festivals, events, and venues. As evidently shown in her unique, imaginative technique, she enjoys traveling whether it be merely through the paintbrush and canvas or grabbing her supplies to create wherever she goes. Her paintings are a plethora of vivid and bright colors that not only catch the eye—her creative mix of colors seems to awaken feelings deep in our subconscious. The environments she develops are dripping with surrealistic features and feels openly spiritual in nature. Elaine is an artist who truly gets lost in her own creative process yet engenders a better understanding of herself through her artwork. Simply by gazing at her artwork, we are taken on a journey that conveys her innermost thoughts and ideals. 

Elaine's art is a visual of psychedelic beauty we believed only our dreams could show us and it's apparent her heart shines through in each of her awe-inspiring creations.

- Crystal Garcia